WSJ: Facebook IPO Filing Coming Next Week

Ryan Whitwam

Investors have been salivating over the possibilities for years, and according to the Wall Street Journal , the wait is nearly over. Facebook is going to file for its IPO next week with a company valuation of between $75 an $100 billion. Not only will the IPO let people own a piece of Facebook, but this will finally let employees cash out those stock options.

Facebook is looking to raise about $10 billion on that $100 billion valuation, so most of the company will remain privately owned. Shares of Facebook have been sold privately for several years, and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has been cautioning the company against taking on too many investors lest it be forced to divulge financial data to the public before an IPO.

If a $100 billion valuation happens, that would make Facebook worth about half as much as Google, and the same as McDonald’s. One thing’s for sure, though. Facebook is about to transform its employees into the newest round of Silicon Valley millionaires.

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