Wow: Minecraft Player Creates Fully Functioning In-Game Computer

Nathan Grayson

Here at Maximum PC, we like to build PCs. One nice side effect of constructing said Godzillas among calculators is that we get to play games! But we're not quite as crazy as a player going by the name “theinternetftw,” who built a PC to play games and then built a PC inside one of those games .

And it works. Powered by virtual wood and fire, it's the most eco-friendly computer since Avatar's really stupid plot twist. Or, in Mr. FTW's words :

“This is the first part of a planned 16-bit computer that will run entirely in Minecraft. That computer will be 'Hack' compatible, which is to say that it'll run code meant for the Hack machine described in [the book] 'The Elements of Computer Systems.'”

We can't decide what we're more impressed by: Minecraft's sheer versatility or this guy's extremely dedicated application of nerdy elbow grease. Either way, we are in the presence of a geek deity. Watch the video below and bow to his supremacy.

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