Worth the Wait: Overclockers Push Ivy Bridge Chip Past 7GHz

Paul Lilly

Conflicting reports about Intel's Ivy Bridge launch and a full or partial delay are casting a cloud over the Santa Clara chip maker's successor to Sandy Bridge, but regardless of when it comes out, there's plenty of reason to be excited. For one, Ivy Bridge is being built on a 22nm manufacturing process using 3D transistors, which boils down to more performance and lower power consumption than today's 32nm Sandy Bridge parts. It adds a new graphics subsystem, natively supports SuperSpeed USB 3.0, and introduces other improvements. But the real reason to get excited is because of the potential overclocking headroom.

Power hungry enthusiasts managed to push Intel's flagship Core i7 3770K processor to 7.063GHz, representing a 100 percent overclock over the chip's stock clockspeed of 3.5GHz, according to Bright Side of News . It took some serious cooling -- dry ice -- to get past 7GHz, but the mere fact that enthusiasts were able to double the clockspeed is a good sign for Ivy Bridge.

According to the CPU-Z Hall of Fame , the world frequency record belongs to Andre Yang and an AMD FX processor he overclocked to 8.585GHz using an Asus Crosshair V Formula motherboard and 2GB of Corsair memory. The highest frequency for an Intel Core i7/i5/i3 CPU is 7.307GHz (Core i5 655K).

Image Credit: Lenzfire

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