The 10 Worst PC Ports



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Ultra realistic graphics don't make the game more immersive necessarily. Look at the original, the graphics are garbage by the standards of today, yet I can still feel very immersed when playing it.

The game may have had some limiting factors due to consoles, but the I really don't think the graphics of that game were bad enough to say it broke immersion or bad at all.

Most PC games these days are about the same graphical standard, but does not ruin games. Only game that has impressed me graphically in awhile is Crysis 1 and 3.



Halo: CE was a horrendous port. It stripped out the coop, the feature that MADE Halo on the xbox. That was a massive failure and one that makes it kinda ironic that Gearbox's franchise Borderlands was only successful because of its coop.

Human Revolution should have been delayed until the PS4/Xbone generation and Invisible War was just inexcusably gimped by the Xbox. It was to PC Gamers what the PS2 port of Deus Ex was to console players :(



I agree that Deus Ex is a shitty port. I won't complain though because i got it for $2. I couldn't even get Oblivion to start on Win7. It made me jump through hoops for like 2 hours. Rockstar better not pull this BS with GTA5. Hopefully with new consoles being x86, developers won't cheap out on us as much.



RAGE. Nuff said.



Ghost busters! If you were installing to a non-default location the installer would fail. The only way you could get it to work is by copying the files (that installed to the default folder anyway) to the folder you were installing to and then launching the installer again.



Others to add to the list...

Anything by Ubisoft. Why they still bother with PC games is beyond my comprehension. Anything they port is either bogged down with crappy DRM or just plain sloppy.

Halo 2 - There was no reason for it to be a (then) Vista exclusive.


Ghost XFX

So true. But at least they try to get it right, even though the developers are held back by sheer ignorance at the upper levels.

I think the biggest problem with Ubisoft is that they had this idea that PC gamers are really no different than the console gamers. And only recently, have they realized that PC gamers are very demanding of what they see and think of a title.



Gotta disagree on dead space. Turn off the VSYNC in menu and the framerates were very high. Also, all the games ran very well on lower end hardware. My only grief for the porting was the shitty mouse aiming.



That's true with Vsync off the frame is uncapped, but when its on the framerate capped at 30 FPS. I've changed the slide to say this. Thanks for the comment!



Dead Space is a fantastic game after a couple of tweaks for vsync and mouse. Loved it.



Ya, I got it long ago for one of the $1 bundles or something ridiculously cheap and never ever could play it cause the controls were so horrid. I also wouldn't mind a link to some fixes but got tired of looking when I was trying a while back.


Commodore 64

What are those mouse tweaks?



Never played any of those, but I did take issue with Skyrim's one-size-fits-all GUI and menus that were obviously geared for consoles. Absolute mess that I still don't like (but have gotten used to after a thousand hours).



From my experience with GTA IV performance was tied to system ram not the gpu, once I got 8gb for my system,it ran as smooth as butter, before that, you couldn't even drive down the street too fast, this was at max settings triple monitor.



Fuzzy memory but I sort of remember a game of Spiderman being REALLY bad-mouthed for being a bad port.



Spiderman was garbage. Period!



Dead Space 1, 2, and 3 are **NOT** locked to 30 FPS. I have played all 3 with no mods/hacks and gotten 60FPS out of them. Turning off Vsync in-game will let it go at 60FPS, and then if screen tearing is bad you can force Vsync it your Nvidia/AMD settings while the in-game option is set to "off". An inconvenience? Yes. Games hard-locked to 30 FPS? No they're not.

But GTA IV, fair assessment. Even with a GTX 770 Superclocked 4GB, it can't be maxed out and run smoothly. Max Payne 3 was a big improvement, so hopefully in a few months when GTA V hits PC, it'll be in an acceptable state.



Darksiders Really bad Controller support that insisted I used a controller when no controller was even hooked up to my PC. It detected my Nostromo Pad as an xbox controller.



Vsync, bad controls, mouse smoothing/aim assist, blur, all these are terrible--but none compare to bad FOV.

It's just so disheartening to start up a game and instantly realize it's a crappy console port. Instant buyers remorse. And to have it capped as some sickening 50-55 horizontal FOV? Just disgraceful. And it's been going on since 2005. They never learn!

I can't even buy a game anymore without first going online and finding out how to fix it. If it looks like some ini changes do the trick, I'll think about it.



Same here.
Either it can be forced: Low FOV, low frame rate, or mouse smoothing, and I'll turn away before even considering anything else.