Worldwide Smartphone Shipments to Exceed 1 Billion This Year, 1.7 Billion by 2017



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Just think how many more smartphones they would sell if carrier "prices" were lowered.


Paper Jam

I think using a picture of the iPhone 5c to represent the smartphone market as a whole is insulting to Android users, WP8 users, and iPhone users. That thing is just a dog by anyone's standards. When people want an iPhone they want a status symbol. They don't want a chintzy plastic knockoff.



I grew up reading 50s, 60s and 70s sci-fi. In many of those stories, the handheld computer was a feature. Percomps, datapads, hand terminals, etc. The names were many, but they were all talking about the same thing: a computer you could hold in the palm of your hand that keeps track of all your personal data and finances and links you into society at large. At the time those stories were written, this leap in technology wasn't projected to happen for hundreds of years.

Pull it out of your pocket and stare at it while you think on that for a minute.



Heinlein "predicted" a future where we'd have space travel open to the general public and a moon base, but no cellphones. In our present, we have cell phones but haven't been to the moon in 41 years and space travel hasn't advanced since the days of Heinlein.

I'd give up my cellphone to have a moon base (among other promised advancements). I guess that puts me in the same camp as Newt lol.


John Pombrio

Me, I spent two years bicycling and backpacking New Zealand. I am an ADK 46er, done the long trail from end to end. 20 years on the road fixing test and measurement gear for customers spread over 5 states. All before GPS mind you.I learned the hard way on how to use a compass and read a map.

I look at a $150 GPS with absolute wonder. To be able to tell where you are within 5 feet of any place on the face of the Earth is just plain magic. To be able to route you to a particular destination several hundred miles away and tell you when you will arrive and be within 10 minutes of the actual time is just what? Voodoo. Now my phone shows me a photo of the route and a photo of my house when I arrive. Never thought I would live to see the day. Literally never saw this coming. No scifi book ever mentioned something like this when I was a kid, too unbelievable I guess.