World's Largest Game Collection Changes Hands for $750,250

Paul Lilly

A better decision than trading them in at GameStop

Could you imagine if Michael Thommason would have taken his more than 11,000 video games to GameStop? Most of the games in his collection would probably have been rejected for being too old. Instead of going that route, Thomasson wisely took his games to auction where they fetched $750,250 . That's a hefty sum for what's officially recognized by The Guinness Book of World Records 2014 Gamers Edition as being the biggest games collection in the world.

The auction included all 10,607 games that were verified by Guinness plus over 400 more that he collected since then. In addition, Guinness didn't count duplicates, so the new owner is getting quite the haul, including many sealed titles -- about a quarter of the games in the collection have never been opened.

When we first reported this story, the high bid was sitting at $50,000 and hadn't met the seller's reserve price. Few at the time would have predicted that it would balloon all the way up to three quarters of a million dollars.

"I simply have an immediate family and extended family that have needs that need to be addressed. While I do not wish to part with these games, I have responsibilities that I have made to others and this action is how I will help meet them. No worries, I’ve sold my collection many times in the past and still managed to capture Guinness’ attention, and it is entirely possible that I may again," Thomasson stated in his auction.

Duly noted.

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