World's First Cell Phone Botnet Could be Coming Soon


You knew it would happen sooner or later, we're just a little surprised it took this long for hackers to release a botnet running on mobile phones. According to Symantec, a piece of malicious software called Sexy Space may be the first documented case.

Like most botnets, Sexy Space relies on quite a bit of user interaction to be effective. Those who ultimately become a zombie in the botnet first receive a text message saying "A very sexy girl, Try it now!" Inside the message is a link that must be clicked, which then asks the potential victim to download software. The software then scours through the user's contact list and sends an SMS with the same message to each person.

Symantec says that this particular botnet is being controlled by a central server, but it remains unclear whether or not the phones respond to remote commands.

We're undoubtedly preaching to the choir on this one, but be wary of any rogue text messages, especially when they ask you to click a link and download software.

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