World of Warcraft Will Retain Subscription Fees, CEO Confirms



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Why would they F2P? They've still got seven million people willing to give them $15/month. F2P can be an effective "second wind" for faltering games, but if your business model is already making you money hand over fist, why change it?



If people want F2P (aka Pay 2 Win), they can go play RuneScape or one of the other many freebie games out there. WoW would be ruined if it went free. It might go Free if one day, some other game manages to steal 70% or more of it's subscribers.



No game needs to "steal" 70% of their player base. Going by last years numbers, they are doing a great job of letting their player base leave all on their on. I would expect a spike for this next xpac, and if it doesn't supply any sort of unique, new experience, by this time next year, they would have lost at least another million subs.



"It wasn't designed as a free-to-play game. I don't see that type of transition happening in World of Warcraft, although we are always looking for new ways to make the game more accessible."

It wasn't designed with -ANY- form of PvP either...
It wasn't designed with the first 20 levels F2P either...
It wasn't designed with lv70, lv80, lv85, and soon lv100 in mind either...

So whenever he says "it wasn't designed with..." that's your cue to stop listening because whatever follows it is a pedantic excuse.

I do not begrudge WOW Blizzard/Activision a single penny, if people are willing to write the check they'd be silly not to cash it after all.

I just don't like the double talk and general nonsense vomited instead of an actual statement of their genuine intentions.

Their intentions are perfectly honest and simple, they are still making tons and tons of money off of monthly subscriptions, and they see absolutely no reason whatsoever to throw all of that away to follow the crowd that has had to go F2P precisely because WOW is taking all of the air out of the room.

If people want to gripe and moan about them making money, they need to stop living, because that's their entire reason for making the game, not to make you happy, but to make their company money.






Why am I not surprised, LOL!



I'm glad to hear this. I'd hate to see Blizzard pushing more in game transactions than they already do in order to make a profit. I'd also hate to see what free to play what do to an already toxic community.