World Wide Web Inventor Joins Twitter

Ryan Whitwam

You are reading this on the Internet, and it wouldn’t be possible without Sir Tim Berners-Lee. You see, back in the 1980s Berners-Lee came up with a little thing called hypertext. Connect hypertext with TCP, and you get the “world wide web”. Now Berners-Lee is trudging through one of the newer areas of his invention; namely, twitter.

Berners-Lee was just about to get on stage at the Web 2.0 summit recently, but apparently decided he didn’t feel hip enough. He joined Twitter on the spot and you can follow him here . The Internet did not spontaneously explode, so we may be out of the woods. Berners-Lee started off using Tweetie and appeared to be unhappy with the interface. Sir Berners-Lee is the director of W3C, a web standards board. If he trashes your interface, you have some explaining to do.


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