World of Warcraft Subscribers Plummet to 7.7 Million Players

Brittany Vincent

WoW players continue to jump ship

World of Warcraft seems to be losing subscribers at an exponential rate, and the unstoppable force may be seeing continual losses. According to , Activision Blizzard has revealed the game has lost 600,000 subscribers in the latest quarter of 2013, putting their subscriber base at just 7.7 million.

The beginning of the year saw just over ten million players exploring Azeroth, though that number has plummeted steadily since the release of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria . Though the Pandaren expansion supplemented the dwindling subscriber camp with a small boost, players continue to be jumping ship.

Contributing factors could be hardier competition, improved gameplay, and languishing players with top-tier characters and little to do with them. Whatever the reason, it's bizarre to see a powerhouse that peaked at more than 12 million players in 2010 struggling to retain gamers.

Are you still a WoW fanatic? Do you think it's high time Activision Blizzard works on a sequel? Let us know, and tell us if you're still hardcore Alliance or if it's all for the Horde.

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