World of Warcraft Turns Seven, Gets Commercial Starring Chuck Norris

Maximum PC Staff

Seven. That's easily the smallest number that's ever been associated with Blizzard's record-smashing MMO opus, but it's an important one nonetheless. While the game's small country's worth of rabid fans isn't quite as foamy mouthed or prone to biting over-eager children as it once was, it's still going remarkably strong. To celebrate, Blizzard's giving away a free, er, “ Celebration Package ” in game, which consists of some fireworks, a snazzy new tabard, and a temporary experience buff. Meanwhile, in the real world, Blizzard's commemorating the big seven with a seven thousand year-old meme about a seven million year-old martial artist (apparent encounter with the Fountain of Youth notwithstanding), because... we're not really sure. Check it out after the break.

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