Word on 'The Street' is Lenovo's Making a Chromebook

Paul Lilly

Lenovo's sudden interest in Chromebooks is based on demand.

Microsoft is trying hard to sell the masses on Windows 8, and there are no shortage of new systems built around the touch-friendly operating system. However, Windows 8 isn't the only game in town. In fact, Lenovo is reportedly building a line of Chromebooks and Chromeboxes, venturing into territory that so far has been the shared domain of Acer and Samsung.

According to Anton Wahlman over at The Street , enterprise customers are clamoring to give Chromebooks a whirl and willing to equip up to 20 percent of their employees with one, but they don't want to stray from Lenovo.

"We wish Lenovo would offer us Chromebooks," Wahlman claims he hears from enterprise circles.

Lenovo apparently listened and will launch a Chromebook line sometime this year. It's not known whether Lenovo will tap Intel and go with a x86 solution or lean on ARM for the processor. Either way, Lenovo's Chromebooks will vary in size from 11.6 inches to 14 inches and have 16GB of RAM. Prices could start as low at $299.

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