Woot Asks AP to Follow Their Own Rules, Pay $17.50

Ryan Whitwam

Oh, Woot. You really can't deny the genius of their daily product descriptions. Today the popular daily deal site has used the product description to call out the Associate Press on a bit of hypocrisy . You see, Woot's acquisition by Amazon was big news the other day, and the AP covered it. In doing so, they quoted a few words from founder Matt Rutledge’s blog post. Not a big deal for most publications, but the AP has a sordid history regarding quotations.

The AP has made a stink about bloggers quoting from their content, even if the source is cited. They think blogger ought to pay as much as $12.50 for five of the AP's precious words. Woot figures that since the AP quoted them, they should pay Woot $17.50. It's only fair, right?

Woot isn't all hard edged about it though. They are offering the AP the opportunity to have the debt called off so long as the collective entity known as "The AP" buys today's Woot, a lovely 2-pack of Sennheiser MX400 earphones. They're only going for $6.99, so we think the AP should take them up on it.

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