Woman Seeks Class Action Suit Against Facebook for Allegedly Violating Wiretap Law

Paul Lilly

Brooke Rutledge of Lafayett County, Mississippi, is taking Facebook to task over claims the social networking site is illegally tracking user behavior, even when they're not logged into the site. At the heart of the issue is a discovery by Australian blogger Nik Cubrilovic that appears to show Facebook has the ability to track users across the Web on any page with a "Like" button or other Facebook integration.

According to the U.K.'s The Register , Rutledge's complaint is seeking class-action status, a move that would potentially allow millions of others users to join in.

The 17-page complaint alleges that "Leading up to September 23, 2011, Facebook tracked, collected, and stored its users' wire or electronic communications, including but not limited to portions of their Internet browsing history even when the users were not logged-in to Facebook." Facebook's privacy policy does state that if you visit a website with a Like plugin or other social plugin, your browser will send a limited set of information, but not your User ID if you're logged out of Facebook.

Cubrilovic claims otherwise and says that Facebook cookies that remain on the hard drive are embedded with unique identifiers and sent back to the social networking site.

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