Woman Blames Job Loss on iPhone Glitch

Paul Lilly

Lindsay Garvey, a 28-year-old woman living in Somerville, Massachusetts, claims she lost her job as a server at a restaurant because her iPhone alarm failed to activate. As a result, she was late to work and handed a pink slip, the Boston Globe reports .

That sounds like one of the oldest excuses in the book -- right there next to having a flat tire -- but this happened on New Year's Day. Garvey isn't the only way who complained about her iPhone alarm not ringing on New Year's Day, and Apple confirmed the glitch affecting non-recurring alarms set for January 1 or 2, Engadget says.

"Upon my termination, I was told that I was wonderful, but that my tardiness was unfair to the other employees," Garvey wrote in a letter to Steve Jobs. "So, Mr. Jobs, I'd like to let you know that you have officially, directly contributed to unemployment in 2011."

Garvey's accusation might not be entirely fair, to Apple or to Steve Jobs.

"Unfortunately, [Garvey's] tardiness on New Year's Day was not an isolated incident and it is with great regret that she was let go," wrote David Flanagan, co-owner Foundry on Elm where Garvey worked. "We value all of the team members of our staff and hold them to a very high standard of excellent hospitality."

Image Credit: intomobile.com

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