Wolfram Alpha Can Now Reduce Your Social Life to a Series of Graphs

Maximum PC Staff

Facebook is a great place to follow the lives of friends, and family, but it’s also an amazing repository of your personal information. Even casual users would be surprised how much data they have poured into the service over the years, and now you finally have a way to put it into perspective. Wolfram Alpha, the world’s greatest computational knowledge engine, has launched a service that will reduce your Facebook social life to a series of mathematical charts .

To get started just type “Facebook” into the search field, click the analyze button, and create a Wolfram Alpha account. The data gives you a good idea of how much you participate on the service, and will even give you an interesting breakdown of your friends by country, age, and a visualization of how you all know each other.

If you ever wanted to see your entire life broken down into a series of mathematical charts, you owe it to yourself to check this out.

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