Wolfenstein 3D Turns 20, iD Showers Gamers With Gratis Goodies

Brad Chacos

Long before there was Battlefield 3, there was Call of Duty, and before that, there was Quake and Doom. All those games can trace their lineage back even further, to Wolfenstein 3D, iD's awesomely innovative Nazi-hunting FPS adventure. Today marks a milestone for the classic franchise: B.J. Blazkowicz has been blasting SS guards and chaingun-wielding robo-Hitlers for a whopping 20 years. Even better, rather than just tooting its own horn, iD's showering gamers with freebie gifts to celebrate the anniversary.

First up is a new 25 minute-long Director's Commentary, with spoken words by none other than gaming guru John Carmack himself. Seriously, it's awesome. Check out the whole thing in the embedded video below.

If listening to the man behind the curtain doesn't pique your interest, iD's also made a browser-based version of the game, which you can play for free over on the Wolfenstein website . What, that still isn't good enough? Well, you're in luck -- the iOS version of Wolfenstein 3D is selling for the low, low price of FREE all day today. If you've got an iPhone or iPad, there's no reason NOT to go pick it up.

Happy birthday, Blazkowicz; we'd hoist a beer in your honor but that'll have to wait until next year.

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