With PC Business in Tow, What's Next for HP?

Paul Lilly

Hewlett Packard went bonkers there for a short while and actually considered selling or spinning off its Personal Systems Group (PSG) so it could focus on servers, printers, and software. Fortunately for HP, newly appointed CEO Meg Whitman quickly reversed course on what could have been a disastrous heading for the world's No. 1 PC maker, So now what?

For one, HP made it very clear it intends to compete in Intel's Ultrabook market, a category of notebook PCs designed to be thin, lightweight, powerful, and affordable (think of a MacBook Air but for Windows and with better hardware).

Todd Bradley, executive vice president of HP's PC division, said in a conference call that his company is "very focused in having a suite in that ultramobile (sub-17mm) space," adding that's something everyone will see "very soon," according to CNet .

The other business at hand is restoring confidence in HP as a company, something that should come easier without that huge cloud of uncertainty floating above it. By holding onto its PC division, component suppliers are ensured of continued bulk orders, HP should still receive bulk discounts, and customers can stop worrying about whether or not their HP system will be supported.

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