Witcher 2 Development Director Pledges To Keep DLC Free (At Least On The PC)

Brad Chacos

While we were still bumming about the PC snub EA delivered with its Battlefield 3 tournament, we ran across an interview with Adam Badowski, the development director at CD Projeckt – i.e., the makers of The Witcher 2. All the DLC for The Witcher 2 is supplied absolutely free, no strings attached. CDP would like to make DLC free for owners of the upcoming Xbox 360 version of the game as well, but Microsoft just won’t let them.

“All DLC for the PC version is and will remain FREE,” Badowski told Rock Paper Shotgun , a PC gaming site with a super-cool name. “That’s not likely to be the story for the Xbox version, because of certain Microsoft policies that need to be followed. But on PC, once you buy our game, you don’t need to worry about any additional costs – we will provide all updates, including those featuring new content, for free. I think it’s reasonable than when you buy our product, you can expect us to service it for you quite a long time after release, though less intensively as time goes by.”

What a breath of fresh air, huh? Don’t expect to see any more major content for The Witcher 2 this year, however. The game’s console launch is slated for the first quarter of 2012, and CDP plans on releasing a new PC update simultaneously. Badowski said the update includes “a new, four–minute CGI intro by Oscar nominated and BAFTA winning animator Tomasz Bagiński, who was also responsible for the intro and outro of The Witcher 1,” but he wouldn’t talk about any other improvements or new features.

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