Wireless Industry Study Says Bill Shock is Good for You

Ryan Whitwam

At first glance, a new study commissioned by the wireless industry seems reasonable. The study was done by Recon Analytics based on data acquired by Neilson Company. The numbers indicate that only 0.3% of US wireless customers would benefit financially from switching to a higher voice plan, rather than paying occasional overages. Sure, the numbers don't lie, but it’s the conclusion of the reports that's got us scratching our heads. Apparently, you like overages.

The study concludes that since overages are, on the whole, not damaging, the FCC should not enact consumer protections against them. The authors of the study asserted that mobile users were intentionally incurring overages because it was the most efficient solution for them. The FCC has been considering forcing wireless companies to help customers avoid so-called Bill Shock by notifying users of impending overages.

This idea is being called out as a non sequitur by most. Just because a customer incurs overages does not mean they are doing so intentionally. They may just lack the proper tools to curb their usage. The study does not go into detail as to why notifying customer would be a bad idea. It simply claims that consumer choice would be damaged by overage notifications. Color us baffled.

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