Wired Shows You How to Hackintosh a Netbook, Apple Gets Pissed

Maximum PC Staff

Wired’s Brian Chen was smacked with a cease-and-desist not long ago for his video depicting how to turn your netbook into a hackintosh.

The video, which gave an exact step-by-step tutorial about how to put OS X onto a netbook, (with trips to The Pirate Bay included) has since been taken down off of Wired’s Tech Lab. However, you can still check it out over at Gizmodo , who’s sticking it to the man hasn’t run them into any evident danger as of yet.

Apple’s exact complaint about the video hasn’t been printed anywhere, so that is something that we might not ever get to find out, but what we do know is that the video is mighty thorough! And it only clocks in at about four minutes, so why not watch it?

Image Credit: Wired Tech Lab

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