WinMo 7 Rumor Train Rolls into the Station

Paul Lilly

Let's clear the air for a moment - Microsoft hasn't said a word about Windows Mobile 7, so any news on the upcoming mobile OS is purely speculation. And as it turns out, there's plenty of it , all coming from "anonymous sources," says Keep this in mind as we go over the details.

WinMo 7, or "Seven," as it's going to be called, will come in two versions: Business Edition and Media Edition. The names may change, but the Business Edition, which is nearly finished, is essentially a light version of Seven with less bells and whistles. It will be able to sync to the cloud with multiple devices, and you'll even be able to snap a photo and embed it into an online document, which multiple users can have access to.

The Media Edition probably won't ship until 2011. It will support Silverlight, Mediaroom, Xbox Live, Facebook, Twitter, and Zune Music integration, among other features that are still being added.

Switching gears to the hardware side, the first Seven device to ship will likely be the LG Apollo. Apollo will sport a 1.3Ghz Qualcomm processor, 1GB of memory, a 3.8-inch capacitive AMOLED multi-touch screen, 10MP camera, and a few other goodies.

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