Windows 8.1 Still Not Enough to Convert Windows 7 Users



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Wait a minute! Did you ask the same questions when Apple changed to IOS7? Do you ask the same question when Google updates their Android abomination every week? Did you ask the same question when XP moved to the Vista UI? Do you ask the same question when a single update from Canonical destroyed your weekend and sent you to the forums? I suspect not.

So why so much hatred and lack of flexibility when it comes to Microsoft?

The design is not bad at all. For a tablet, it provides the touch experience and a familiar file explorer such as Windows explorer. As a desktop user, it provides a desktop experience and a non-intrusive Metro UI (after 8.1). You can assign the start button to open a menu with all programs on the computer. Therefore, all you need to get used to is that instead of a small window with programs, you have it fulls screen. Almost all new laptops that come with 8.1 come with a touch display. So what is the problem here?

The problem, I suspect, comes from that many people bought a Win7 laptop that has no touch screen and can't deliver the touch screen experience. But, again, if we switch to another brand, any change they attempt is considered an improvement, while with Microsoft is considered something bad. Do you catch my drift?

To add more spiciness to all this, I notice more and more people in my school with Win8 and more with Surface products.

I am almost convinced that all this hatred originates from the inability of a bunch of technicians to figure out the OS, bashing W8 in the forums day and night.

If I am able to figure 8.1 out without taking any instructional courses but just visiting only one website online, am I a pure fucking genius (which I highly doubt) or the rest of the people are just playing it lazy?

The issues that need to be addressed is not the UI but the fucking terrible stability of the OS. This is why 8.1 sucks.



Where was that word in his post?



Thank you for the opinioned contribution on the topic.



You are technically right. He did not use the word "forced" but "force".



I've given 8 and 8.1 a nice run of trying to please me. The only thing that has is the speed of getting to the desktop after I push the power button.
There's a lot of little things that I don't like. I'm not gonna go into them here so don't ask.
I'm seriously thinking of going back to 7.



Also, in regard to the faster boot times, I think simply upgrading to SSD would pretty much make Win 8 boot times moot. After you start hitting a certain speed, you have serious diminishing returns on minor speed boosts. Even if Win 8 would still boot faster, SSD is fast enough to where that minor difference wouldn't matter to the vast majority of people.



Agreed. I have a SSD in a entry level netbook and it boots as fast as my full sized Win8 laptop with a standard hard drive. Besides, fast boot times mean very little when everything else about using the computer sucks. If that is a selling point for Win8, they need to try harder because I never complained about boot times in Win7 or XP except when I had some other crapware causing the slow down.



Yes, yes, yes! Adding a SSD is the best computer speed expenditure I have ever made. If you don't have one and can afford one, it is well worth it. Win7 till 2020, and maybe beyond.



My friend would be part of that uptick in Win7. He upgraded to 8.1 and it broke almost every driver he had (laptop came with Win8). So he got pissed and bought a SSD and moved over to Win7.
Granted, he never really like win8, but he's lazy so for him to do anything this drastic is quite astounding.