Windows XP, the Economics 101 Edition


Cut off the supply for a product that people still want, and the demand skyrockets. Windows XP is the product, and's Software Bestseller list proves that Windows XP is still a hot item. CNet reports that Windows XP ranks high on the best-selling software list., and here's what we discovered:

Windows XP Professional SP2 full version was number 9, XP Home SP2 full version was number 18, and XP Professional SP2 upgrade was at number 64 as this article was posted (XP Home SP2 upgrade was not in the top 100).

By comparison, the best-selling Windows Vista version, Home Premium SP1 upgrade, was number 58, followed by Ultimate SP1 SP1 upgrade at number 82, and Home Premium SP1 full version at number 88. Amazon updates its software rankings hourly, so check back often.

Although Windows XP "officially" went off the market June 30, what that means in practice is, as long as you can track down a copy, your money's still good. CNet reports that Staples, Office Depot, Circuit City, and Office Max are still selling Windows XP. We also found Windows XP available at Best Buy and Sam's Club. However, Windows XP has "left the building" at and (individual stores might stil have copies for sale).

So, the reports of Windows XP's death at retail are, in the words of non-Windows user Mark Twain, "greatly exaggerated."

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