Windows XP SP2 Users, Your New Remote Desktop Connection Has Arrived


Hate Driving Back to the Office? Remote Desktop Connection's Now Even Better

If you don't need to drive back to the office when you forget a file, you might have Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) to thank for the ability to log in remotely and not interrupt your music ripping, DVD watching, or friend-fragging session. If you use Windows XP SP2 at home, but the office machine's running Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 and you connect using RDC, the new Remote Desktop Connection client, version 6.1, is for you (XP SP3 users already have it). Briefly, here's what you get:

  • Support for spanned monitors up to 4096x2048 pixels (so you can see what's running on your secondary display)
  • Support for 32-bit color and font smoothing (so your remote desktop looks good from a distance as well as close-up)
  • Support for new Windows Server features like Terminal Services web access (including RDP Signing) and Terminal Services Easy Print
  • Server authentication (yes, it's really your server)
  • Resource redirection for PnP devices
  • Support for Terminal Server Gateway servers and RemoteApp (so you can run apps on the remote computer)

Learn more about the update (including what to do if you're running the multilingual user interface) and get links to the update by surfing to KB952155 .

Clipart courtesy of the Open Clip Art Library

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