Windows RT Laptops Powered by Snapdragon S4 Processors Currently in Production

Paul Lilly

Qualcomm on Tuesday unveiled an expanded portfolio for its Snapdragon S4 CPU family, breaking the processors down into four categories of concentration, including S4 Prime (HDTVs and set-top boxes), S4 Pro (Windows RT devices), S4 Plus (smartphones and tablets), and S4 Play (entry level mobile devices). Focusing on the S4 Pro series for a moment, reportedly there are Snapdragon S4-powered laptops running Windows RT already in production.

That bit of information comes from The Verge , which heard it straight from the horse's mouth -- the horse, in this case, being Rob Chandhok, Senior Vice President of Qualcomm. Chandhok told The Verge that Windows RT notebooks with S4 hardware inside are being built as Computex goes on.

Qualcomm already has experience working with Microsoft, being the only chip maker serving Windows 7 and 7.5 devices.

"We are using that partnership now to actually bring the Snapdragon processor family into the Windows RT launch that Microsoft will be doing in the future," Chandhok said at Computex, according to TomsHardware .

Not counting upcoming notebooks, Snapdragon is installed in over 370 device models representing around 70 manufacturers.

Image Credit: Qualcomm

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