Windows Prez (Kind Of) Confirms A Windows 8 App Store

Brad Chacos

The rumor mill's been all abuzz about the possibility of an App Store in the upcoming Windows 8 operating system, and for once, the hub-bub was based off of some fairly logical deductions. One: Microsoft said a long time ago that Windows 8 was being developed for use on mobile platforms as well as PCs. Two: when Apple tried to trademark "App Store," Microsoft argued the term was too generic. It looks like that deductive reasoning was well-founded; if you use a bit more deductive reasoning, you'll infer that the Windows Prez recently confirmed a Windows 8 app store.

Why the shifty sentences? Because Steven Sinofsky, the president of Microsoft's Windows and Windows Live division, didn't come right out an say that yes, there is an App Store in Windows 8. Instead, Engadget points out that when Sinofsky listed the software development groups in the Introducing the Team post on the new-found "Building Windows 8" blog, an App Store team was amongst those listed, alongside such stalwarts as "Storage and File Systems" and "Device Connectivity."

We'd love to offer up more details, but that's it. Sinofsky didn't elaborate, and we're guessing he facepalmed after he realized what he did. We'll be sure to pass on any future updates as they accidentally get leaked.

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