Windows Phone Marketplace Now Has Over 50,000 Apps

Pulkit Chandna

Windows Phone Marketplace has now surpassed the 50,000-app mark, according to the All About Windows Phone blog , which has established itself as the leading authority on Windows Phone app counts. More importantly, this milestone has been reached just under 14 months. Hit the jump more.

According to the site, the 50,000 mark has been reached a few weeks earlier than it had predicted back in November, with 10,000 apps being added in the last 40 days. There has clearly been a surge in the rate of addition in this period, with new content coming in at a rate of 265 apps per day. All About Windows Phone attributed this acceleration to the recent geographical expansion of the Windows Phone Marketplace and the launch of  Nokia’s first Windows Phone devices in this period.

Interestingly, the time taken by Windows Phone to reach this milestone is considerably less than the 19 months it took Android to get to the same point in terms of apps. However, Apple’s App Store only took 12 months.

It may look good on paper, but the fact is app counts only tell part of the story. The other, more important part is narrated by the quality of the apps. It seems that Windows Phone still has some way to go in that department.

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