Windows Phone Growth Spiked in July, Still Has Long Way to Go

Paul Lilly

Let's face it, Microsoft's Windows Phone platform isn't going to propel itself to the front of the pack, just like the Colorado Rockies aren't going to rally and win their division in the National League. In both cases, it's mathematically possible, but so is playing roulette and watching the ball land on 00 three times in a row. Be that as it may, Microsoft's Windows Phone platform is making personal strides, with the month of July marking its biggest growth month so far this year.

The folks over at culled through data from StatCounter and found that the Windows Phone install base in the European Union grew by 24 percent in July. Impressive? Sure, though that only represents a 1.68 percent share of the total mobile market in the EU.

Similar growth was spotted in other parts of the world, including a 27 percent month-on-month gain in Germany, 29 percent gain in France, 18 percent jump in the U.K., and a 19 percent in the U.S. where Windows Phone claims a 1.18 percent share of the overall market.

It's interesting to see the Windows Phone platform gain momentum as the Windows Phone 8 launch looms on the horizon, considering all current Windows Phone devices will not be supported by the OS update.

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