Windows Phone Developer Tools Graduate to Beta Status

Pulkit Chandna

If Microsoft has to make up for the “ generation we missed with Windows Mobile ,” it will have to ensure that Windows Phone 7 proves too hard to ignore for developers, vendors and carriers. The company has been working on acquainting developers with its upcoming smartphone platform since March, when it unveiled the Windows Phone Developer Tools package as a community technology preview (CTP). The developer tools package now sports the beta tag.

The beta tag means that the package includes an almost finished version of everything needed for app and game development, including Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone, Windows Phone Emulator, Silverlight for Windows Phone and XNA Game Studio 4.0 Beta. MS has also begun shipping pre-production preview devices to developers just as it promised, with the first devices "awarded last week to a pair of pretty amazing high-school students who won the Windows Phone “Rockstar” contest as part of the Imagine Cup.”

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