Windows Phone Ad Pokes Fun at Samsung and Apple Feud

Paul Lilly

Nokia's Lumia 920 is a lover, not a fighter.

It does seem at times as though Apple and Samsung almost enjoy fighting with each other, doesn't it? A new ad promoting Nokia's Lumia 920 smartphone and the Windows Phone platform it runs on comes right out and says it, and then implores viewers, "Don't fight. Switch." The 1-minute ad spot does little to promote the Lumia 920's features or Windows Phone software, but you have to hand it to Microsoft for at least trying to get into the thick of things.

The setting for the ad is a wedding where everything seems to be going well, that is until a guy with a Galaxy phone blocks the view of someone with an iPhone who's attempting to snap a picture of the bride and groom.

"Excuse me. Would you mind moving your enormous phone?," the iPhone toting attendee asks in snarky tone. Verbal jabs are then tossed around like rice at the end of a wedding ceremony, only it never gets that far because eventually a massive scuffle breaks out between Samsung and Apple users. At one point, a guy rips open his shirt to reveal an Apple logo tattoo on his chest. While all this is going on, a pair of waitstaff record the shenanigans on their Lumia 920 phones.

They also appear to be the only two out of a crowd of about 100 toting Windows Phone devices, so kudos to Microsoft for keeping things accurate, even if unintentional.

Here's the ad:

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