Windows Phone 8 Update Paves Way for Larger Display, Full HD 1080p Handsets

Paul Lilly

Get ready for larger Windows Phone 8 devices

Microsoft on Monday announced that its third Windows Phone 8 update will allow for physically bigger displays with more real estate to play with courtesy of Full HD 1080p (1920x1080) support. It's one of a handful of improvements being introduced in the newest Windows Phone 8 update, which will enable smartphone makers to launch Windows Phone devices with 5-inch and 6-inch displays.

"The larger, 1080p HD displays on these devices will make Windows Phone even more personal -- for example by sporting jumbo-sized Start screens with room for six Live Tiles across instead of four," Microsoft state in a blog post . "A bigger Start screen means the ability to pin even more of the people, info, and apps that matter to you."

Microsoft calls them "jumbo-sized" though another term for these oversized devices is "phablet," which are handsets that sit between traditional smartphone and tablet territories.

Update No. 3 will also introduce support for Qualcomm's Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor for better performance, as well as a new feature called Driving Mode to help you get to where you're going without distractions. Driving Mode essentially hides notifications like texts, calls, and quick status alerts until you're safely parked.

Other feature additions include new accessibility options, improved Internet sharing, and "hundreds of under-the-hood performance tweaks and enhancements," Microsoft says. There are also a handful of features that users have been asking for, such as more useful ringtones (custom ringtones for instant messages, for example), rotation lock, better storage management, the ability to close apps with the App switcher, Wi-Fi access out of the box, and better Bluetooth support.

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