Windows Phone 7 to Limit Multitasking

Maximum PC Staff

It seems like the ‘big boys’ are planning to play it safe with their mobile operating systems. Apple has limited the multitasking on the iPhone OS, restricting it only to core apps, while prohibiting third party applications, to optimize battery life and improve security. It seems that Microsoft plans the same thing for Windows Phone 7 .

In an interview with, Charlie Kindel, the manager of Windows Phone App Platform and Developer Experience program says, “We do not allow third-party applications running on the phone to execute in the background.” He continues, “We’re poised to support it eventually, but in order to support great battery life and great end-user experience, we’re focusing on the integrated experiences first.” That sounds familiar.

This, of course, stands in contrast to devices built on Google’s Android OS and Palm’s WebOS--both of which allow for legitimate multitasking. Users on both platforms do complain about reduced battery life, but also acknowledge, as they control what’s running, it's their choice to make.

Image Credit: Microsoft

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