Windows Phone 7 to Launch on October 21 (in Europe)

Paul Lilly

Microsoft still isn't talking specific release dates for its Windows Phone 7, but plenty of others are. Citing "sources familiar with the software giant's plans," Neowin reports Microsoft will hold several launch events worldwide on October 21 to introduce Redmond's anticipated handset in the U.K., France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

Great for Europe, but when will the Windows Phone 7 device land on U.S. shores? According to Windows-centric blogger Paul Thurrott, expect a U.S. launch a couple of weeks later on November 8, or so he's " been told by a very reliable source ."

Previous reports suggested that Microsoft was getting ready to launch its handset during a press event on October 11, but now it appears it will be largely unrelated to the Windows Phone, Thurrott says.

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