Windows Phone 7 Shortages Expected

Ryan Whitwam

Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 has already launched outside the US, and if supplies there are any indication, the US launch could be in trouble according to Business Insider. Carriers are reporting shortages of many of the smartphones, and have taken to offering vouchers to interested customers. Both the HTC Mozart and Samsung Omnia 7 are in short supply across Europe.

This wouldn't be the first time we've seen new hardware plagued by shortages. Many of the components used in these handsets have been in short supply for months now. Need we remind you of the AMOLED shortage that brought Droid Incredible sales to a grinding halt last summer? HTC eventually switched the super TFT screen in that case, but the WP7 launch doesn't need any obstacles.

Of course, it is possible that this is an engineered shortage. You know, the OEMs make just slightly too few to drum up interest in the hot new hardware people can't get. Well, that may be a little to conspiratorial a theory to hang our hat on, but you never know.

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