Windows Phone 7 Sales Off to Slow Start, 40k on Opening Day

Ryan Whitwam

It's probably not the story Microsoft was hoping for, but the first round of Windows Phone 7 sales are looking lackluster. Redmond spent heavily -- reportedly over $100 million -- on advertising for the launch. But The Street is reporting that total sales between AT&T and T-Mobile Monday were about 40,000 units . This doesn't include the nearly 90,000 phones handed out to Microsoft employees.

Many popular Android handsets, and certainly the iPhone, do considerably better on opening day. But it's not curtains for Microsoft in the mobile space. The platform is still very new, and has time to grow. Android had a similarly slow start, only getting up to speed a year later. Still, Android had a much more wide-open market to grow into.

We've heard reports that Windows Phone 7 handsets could be in short supply, so it's possible that has something to do with the numbers. The holiday numbers will be more informative. Do you think Windows Phone 7 has a shot?

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