Windows Phone 7 Coming To Verizon This Holiday Season

Maximum PC Staff

Verizon has typically been very slow and cautious when it comes to adopting Smartphone OS’s, but many were more than a bit surprised when Microsoft suggested Verizon wouldn’t be featuring any handsets until sometime in early 2011. Those who kept the faith however can now add Windows Phone 7 to the holiday wish list with the official confirmation coming in via Twitter . “Devices will be rolling into Verizon stores this holiday season and more will arrive in early 2011!”

We still don’t know at this point what phones are going to be announced, but given that we are arguably already well into the holiday season, (based on the crappy mall music anyway), we expect to learn more in a week or two. Verizon customers now have a fairly strong lineup of alternative handsets to the iPhone, leaving Apple somewhat vulnerable to market share loss in the US.

Does Verizon even need the iPhone anymore?

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