Windows Phone 7 App of the Week: Tonido

Maximum PC Staff

Having your music and pictures on your phone has always been something of a catch-22. Toting your media library with you all the time is one of the best reasons to have a smart phone, but loading up all of your music, pictures, and video is the fastest and easiest method of filling up the limited storage capacity of your phone. Now there is an easy (and free) way to have the best of both worlds.

Tonido has been around for a while on iOS and Android, but has now made its way to Windows Phone 7 devices. The Tonido desktop application installs on your PC and indexes your media files, allowing its counterpart for Windows Phone to connect to the service and browse your media from anywhere you have a data connection. No firewall reconfiguration is needed, though an account with Tonido’s free service is required.

Apps like Tonido won’t reach their full potential until multitasking comes in the Mango update scheduled for later this year; but we’re talking about a free app here, so why wait? Do be aware of any data caps you may have, your 250mb data plan could go pretty quick due to heavy downloads.

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