Windows Phone 7 App of the Week: Shuriken Ninja

Maximum PC Staff

Mobile phone gaming is slowly progressing from a simple diversion to a full-featured platform. Some of the best mobile games you will ever play are uncomplicated - even minimalistic. This is especially true of games offered by independent developers who are making games as a hobby or a side gig. What modern casual games really need is decent sound and graphics, killer gameplay, and (optionally) a good story or premise to work from. We ask you, what better premise than ninjas?

Shuriken Ninja for Windows Phone 7 is one of the simplest games you will ever play. The general concept is to throw shuriken at the targets in each level, hitting all of the targets without exhausting your shuriken supply. The size and movement of the targets will increase difficulty, as will the need to bounce your throws off of the floor and walls in order to hit your target. Targeting and throwing is managed by tapping at the point you wish to throw, though it isn’t as easy as it may sound. Two game modes offer hundreds of levels and Shuriken Ninja also supports creating, sharing, and downloading custom levels.

Shuriken Ninja is a free download from the Windows Phone Marketplace. Check back next Wednesday for another Windows Phone 7 App of the Week.

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