Windows Phone 7 App of the Week: Poynt

Maximum PC Staff

Location based services are making a huge push due to the overwhelming popularity of mobile devices. Social networks consume location data on a regular basis whether it's Facebook, Twitter, or Foursquare. Another niche that relies heavily on geography is location based search.

Poynt is a location based search tool that allows you to quickly and easily search for local restaurants, movie theaters, gas stations, or people. Using your phone's GPS or Wi-Fi signal Poynt quickly determines your location and uses that data to focus your search criteria to your local area. You can quickly find movie showtimes for the theaters in your area and then email the results to a friend. Searches for gas  can be viewed by price or distance from your current location. The restaurant search allows you to tailor your results by location or type of cuisine. Poynt's functionality offers benefits in both your hometown and when traveling in unfamiliar territory.

Poynt is available as a free download from the Windows Phone Marketplace. Poynt is also available for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry platforms.

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