Windows Phone 7 App of the Week: IM+

Maximum PC Staff

Internet Chat is still one of the top methods of instantaneous communication between multiple parties. Chat junkies who have been using mobile devices for a while will be familiar with IM+ by Shape Services. IM+ has been one of the leaders in mobile chat software for a very long time, and the software’s success across a wide range of platforms is a good indication of the importance Shape Services places on their role in the mobile community.

IM+ for Windows Phone currently comes in two flavors, a free (ad supported) version and a $4.99 Pro version. Both versions will allow you to communicate with your friends using popular chat services like AIM, Yahoo, Google Talk, Facebook, and MySpace. Though Windows Phone 7 doesn’t currently support multitasking (the Mango update is just around the corner) IM+ uses push notifications to alert you to incoming chat messages.

Grab your copy of IM+ ( Free or Pro ) from the Windows Phone Marketplace, and keep an eye out for the v1.4 update that we hear is already making its way through the approval process. The update adds some new services, but loses support for MSN messenger due to some restrictions Microsoft has placed on Marketplace apps.

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