Windows Phone 7 App of the Week: easyTube

Maximum PC Staff

YouTube may have been popularized by viral videos and other content that we probably could have lived without, but it IS one stop shopping for all sorts of content that extends way beyond the latest Bieber videos. As a web service, YouTube is also a popular target for smartphone based client apps, which provide increased usability and additional features that wouldn't otherwise be available to the platform.

Windows Phone users will find easyTube to be one of the best options available for getting a YouTube fix while on the go. Offering more features and settings than you can shake a stick at, easyTube makes it cake to find and watch clips from YouTube. Sharing content is one of the main reasons to use a social service like YouTube, and the easyTube app makes it simple to share to Twitter or Facebook. You can also log in with your YouTube account to add the video to your favorites or a playlist. Additionally easyTube allows you to download videos to watch later, though they will only be available within the easyTube application. easyTube will even allow you to remotely control YouTube playback on your PC by linking your Google Account.

easyTube is available through the Marketplace for Windows Phone as a free download.

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