Windows Phone 7 App of the Week: Congress

Maximum PC Staff

Smart phones perform many roles in modern life, but political tool doesn't generally appear at the top of our lists. Fourth of July week is a great time to feature a politically driven app such as Congress by Sunlight Labs.

Congress for Windows Phone provides you quick access to news and contact information for members of Congress. The app uses your location to determine who your representatives are, but can also be used to find legislators from other districts. Sunlight uses the Yahoo! News API to grab relevant news and video for the representative you are viewing. Congress also integrates with the legislator’s Twitter accounts when available, giving you news and opinions straight from the horse’s mouth.

The best part about Congress is that it enables you to not only stay informed about what your legislators have been doing, but to get involved yourself. Many people forget that calling your congressman/woman can be an effective way for you to make a difference in your local community.

Sunlight Labs is part of the Sunlight Foundation, an organization dedicated to making government more open and transparent through the use of technology. Many of their endeavors, including Congress, are open source projects driven by a community of developers.

Congress is also available in Android and iOS flavors. Be sure to check back next week for another Windows Phone 7 App of the Week!

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