Windows Mobile 7 Will Arrive in 2010, Says Ballmer

Pulkit Chandna

Microsoft showcased Windows Mobile 6.5 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona barely a fortnight ago. But even the most ardent WM aficionado may seriously consider skipping WM 6.5 - a minor update - in light of Steve Ballmer’s announcement that Windows Mobile 7 will become available early next year .

Ballmer identified WM as one of Microsoft’s seven key businesses. He made these comments while addressing a conference call. He believes that WM will not be affected by the downturn as it is ideal for low-cost form factors.

"I do think the guys who are in the best position to benefit are the guys who actually have phones at low price points,” Ballmer said. No price for guessing who, according to Ballmer, is going to be at a disadvantage: Apple, of course, with its exorbitantly priced iPhone.

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