Windows Matters Most, Ballmer Says During Final CES Keynote

Paul Lilly

Today marks the end of an era for both Microsoft and the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. CES isn't shutting its doors -- not that we know of, anyway -- but the keynote Steve Ballmer delivered is Microsoft's final one. It's pulling out of CES, and before the divorce is final, Ballmer has one final message he wants to make clear.

"Overall, nothing is more important at Microsoft that Windows," Ballmer told Ryan Seacrest when asked what comes next for the Redmond software giant, according to .

Those were his parting words, if you will, and while Microsoft isn't closing shop on Skype, Xbox Live, Windows Phone, and every other side show, Windows is and will remain the main attraction in Redmond.

It's a simple, but important message, even if not everyone was not impressed with Microsoft's swan song. During his time on stage, Ballmer talked up how much he liked having all the competition in the mobile phone space, but is glad he has Windows. He said there are 1.3 billion Windows PCs in use today, and as Microsoft moves to Windows 8, he promised that all Windows 7 PCs will be ready for the new operating system on Day One, another important message.

Microsoft has been delivering keynotes at CES since 2008, but decided to make this one its last since the convention rarely aligns with its product news milestones.

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