Windows Marketplace Can Shut Down 7 Series Apps Remotely

Ryan Whitwam

Microsoft's Istvan Cseri made an interesting admission at MIX10 today. The Windows Phone 7 Series App Market will have the ability to revoke licenses remotely . As we’ve previously heard, the App Marketplace will be the only way to get apps for 7 Series devices. So any app on a 7 series device could be deactivated at Microsoft’s behest.

This is not entirely dissimilar to the iPhone App Store, which apparently has a kill switch as well. It has never been used in the case of the iPhone, and most would consider it to be the most tightly controlled app ecosystem so far. Cseri seemed to imply that the feature would be used if a Marketplace app were to malfunction in some way, but that doesn’t rule out other possible uses.

If you were feeling pumped to get your hands on a 7 Series phone, does this dissuade you?

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