Windows for Workgroups 3.11 Being Put Down in November


If operating systems had an obituary section, it would be quickly filling up this summer. First Windows XP kicks the bucket ( sort of) , and effective November 1st, 2008, OEMs will no longer be able to license Windows for Workgroups 3.11 in the embedded channel. Believe it or not, the announcement will come as a disappointment to those who planned to purchase the 16-bit OS. While Win 3.11 has been long gone in the standard (retail/OEM) channel, the old code has continued to be used for specialized applications , like cash registers, train schedule displays, and other lower-horsepower platforms.

The November deadline provides a timely opportunity to give a gag geek gift this Christmas. Pick up a Win 3.11 license while you still can, and toss it in a stocking along with Windows 3.11 for Dummies . Hey, it beats a fruitcake!

Image Credit: Microsoft

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