Windows Boss Can't Resist Riding the Surface Like a Skateboard

Pulkit Chandna

With just a few days left to go until the release of Windows 8 and the Microsoft-built Surface tablets, the Redmond-based company has donned its marketing hat . While the jury is still out on the amount Microsoft has earmarked for the Windows 8 marketing campaign, it is likely to be a large sum (some reports peg it at over $1 billion ), especially considering how much Microsoft has riding on these two products. But wait, what exactly does Microsoft have “riding” on them?

Well, we all probably know what’s at stake in the long run, but for a brief while on Tuesday Steven Sinofsky was all that Microsoft had riding on the Windows 8-powered slate. Yesterday, the man at helm of Microsoft’s Windows group posted a picture of him riding the 10.6-inch Surface like a skateboard on microblogging site Twitter. “Couldn’t resist taking it out for a spin,” Sinofsky wrote prior to posting the picture of him riding what many people are calling the “Surfaceboard.”

This whole exercise, if you haven’t guessed it by now, was meant to tout the Surface’s build quality, in particular the combined sturdiness of its Gorilla Glass 2 screen and magnesium-alloy (VaporMG) body.

Even if you are one of the largest tech companies under the sun with hundreds of millions to spend on marketing, Sinofsky’s “Surfaceboard” escapade has shown once again that in this age of social media there are many ways of calling attention to your products other than those that involve the often heedless utilization of ridiculously large marketing budgets.

Image Credit: Steven Sinofsky

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