Windows Blue to Support Syncing of Start Screens Across PCs

Pulkit Chandna

One among many new items supported by the new and improved built-in sync feature

A few days after Windows “Blue” Build 9364 leaked onto the Internet, people are still busy dissecting it. Noted Windows bloggers Paul Thurrott and Rafael Rivera, who somehow managed to co-author a 552-page tome on Windows 8 secrets a few months back, are two such curious folks. The duo have discovered some interesting syncing functionality inside the alpha build.

The leaked Windows Blue build features the ability to sync Start Screens. According to a post on Paul Thurrott’s WinSupersite on Wednesday, the duo were able to successfully test the feature despite the UI for such PC-to-PC Start Screen syncing being visibly broken.

Meanwhile, over at , Rafael Rivera also revealed a raft of other items capable of being synced. The items supported by the built-in sync feature are:

  • Bluetooth paired devices
  • Internet Explorer Tracking Protection and tabs
  • Picture password
  • Quick links
  • File history
  • Input personalization
  • App secondary tiles
  • Tethering
  • Installed apps

Microsoft is expected to shed more light on the Windows Blue update at its annual Build developer conference in June. Also, there are rumors that the event will be used for the release of the first public preview version of the upcoming update.

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