Windows 9 and Windows 10 Rumors Already Making the Rounds

Paul Lilly

Looking ahead to the next versions of Windows

We're still waiting for Windows 8.1 to roll out to the masses, which will introduce a host of new features to arguably Microsoft's most controversial version of Windows to date. Is it too early to start looking ahead to what comes next? Not according to a Russian message board where a user called WZOR claims to have the inside scoop. This isn't the first time WZOR has leaked information about Microsoft's plans.

According to , WZOR "has been behind countless Microsoft information leaks," so there's at least a minor amount of credibility here. That said, WZOR says not to expect too many changes in Windows 9. For the most part, it will be similar to Windows 8/8.1, though Microsoft will bring back the old Aero interface, just not as we know it. Beyond that, he didn't offer up any additional details.

As for Windows 10, WZOR says it will be a cloud OS. That would be a drastic change, though not completely surprising since Microsoft's placed so much effort into the cloud already with its Office 365 suite and SkyDrive storage, among other services. By the time Windows 10 comes out, it might not be such a giant leap.

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